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Do you have time for self care (toddler moms)

If you don’t have time for your self care routine, then the rush time has captured your soul. Sometimes, we can’t even buy groceries. Time flies by so fast and every moment counts. Especially when you’re having a toddler. Many women experience postpartum depression. The feeling calms down after couple of months (unless it’s serious), […]

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Language development (real words, or not)?

Just before his first birthday, I asked myself when will he use real words. Even though he knew 3 words back then, he used them just because everybody kept repeating: mom, dad, milk. He wasn’t using them for real, but just to say something. A couple of days after his birthday, I caught myself in […]

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Plan your meals
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Can you stop eating so much sugar?

So, we are all aware of the fact that sugar is bad. Yet, some of us eat it from time to time. And some of us eat it every single day. It’s always coming back like a yo-yo, corrupting our minds. I don’t like sweet things very much, and that’s my happiness. But sometimes, when […]

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Homemade tortilla

Homemade tortilla (quick and easy recipe)

Homemade tortillas are awesome. Of course, it’s easier to buy a package and then fill them with whatever you want. But really, preparing them on your own saves money (as they are expensive). Everybody loves enchiladas, taco roll ups, burritos… And they are perfect for party finger foods. I prepared my first tortilla when I […]

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Music playlist for December (cheerful and calm)

I’ve heard people talking about the lack of inspiration. They said it would be great if only they had a little bit more of it. It’s ok to get lost sometimes. But if you’re constantly chasing air (and you don’t see it), you need some kind of fuel. My inspiration (for writing, and life in […]

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