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Do you have time for self care (toddler moms)

December 24, 2017

If you don’t have time for your self care routine, then the rush time has captured your soul. Sometimes, we can’t even buy groceries. Time flies by so fast and every moment counts. Especially when you’re having a toddler. Many women experience postpartum depression. The feeling calms down after couple of months (unless it’s serious), but soon- the toddler time. And toddlers are never leaving you alone. Since I was the one in the middle of nowhere once and I’m over it now, I have a few things to share.

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Self care is loving yourself

Sadly, but I often see people who are tired of everything. Some of them didn’t sleep well last night, some are confused and thinking about exams, and some got bills to pay. In the end of the day, when home, they are distracted and they just sit on the couch doing nothing. And we all know that organization holds the key. When you organize your time, you do not just remind yourself of things that are good for you, but you find the time for doing them. And self care is whatever you want that routine to be.

You want to be healthier this year, you want to exercise more… You really want to have time to put makeup on every day, and you want to finish your book/watch the show you like/hang out with friends… And if you think you can’t do that anymore because you are a SAHM, you’re wrong. Your child will be more happier if you are happier too.

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Seize the day (and night)

I’m sorry, but I must write: WAKE UP EARLIER. If you wake up before your child, you’ll learn how beautiful the day is. You can get ready, exercise, prepare breakfast, drink coffee/tea while enjoying your time… And you’ll be ready in less than an hour (while it takes longer with a child you’ll have to follow everywhere).

Also, what goes along with waking up earlier is: GO TO BED ON TIME. Simply, so that you can get your extra morning time. Extra morning time is important for busy moms, because they can wake up slowly and without pressure.

EVERY HOUR COUNTS. My child’s sleep routine is sometimes a mess (because he wants everything, and we struggle with that a lot). Anyway, we always try to put him to bed at 8pm. So, he wakes up at 6/6.30/7am. And then goes for his daily nap at 10am, which often lasts for about 2 hours. And those are my hours. I use them to either work, or relax. Since I am finally able to do what I love, my work is my self-care as well. I also tidy up his toys, drink green tea and read, write, cook something really nutritious, listen to music, play piano, etc. It’s so important that you are aware of every hour alone!

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HOBBY. If you are passionate about something, you will want to do it every day. And that is cool, because passion keeps us alive.

TO DO LISTS, HABIT TRACKERS, GOALS… These are all popular nowadays, which is great! This technology is really making us stupid a bit, and we need to use notebooks again. Notebooks are emotional, creative, and alive. Habit trackers (healthy habits, mental habits, emotional trackers) are great when you struggle with having a routine. To do lists are the best way possible when you have so much on your mind. Write your words in notebooks, and take it with you everywhere.

SELF CARE TOGETHER. Go on a family walk, visit parents, play music/listen to music, cook, dance, walk a dog, go on a picnic… This time of year is so family inspired. Finish the Christmas tree together, bake sugar cakes or cinnamon rolls, watch Christmas movies and drink hot chocolate… When you give yourself some time alone and when you sleep and eat well, you will always be a good mom ready to rule the world. So, be silly with your loved ones and teach your child how to enjoy life.


CLEAN HOUSE EVERY DAY. This may be strange, but women are somehow depressed if the house is dirty and this takes their productivity away. I have this problem (and I don’t clean everyday yet), but I found out it is what needs to be done!

GO OUT WITHOUT YOUR FAMILY. If your husband is reasonable (like mine is), go out with your friends and stress out. You are a mom, and you’re always on the go. You make almost every meal, you clean, you give bath/change clothes and diapers, you study. And you are the one who should always stay calm (because, mostly, moms spend the most time with their children). So go out with your friends, and have fun.

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  1. Very good post! Moms overlook the fact that if they are tired and exhausted they have an unhappy household, that’s not fair to anyone involved.

  2. I agree self-care is extremely important, How can we take care of others if we don’t care for ourselves. Saturdays have been my self-care day for 2 years. I used to give myself 3 hours a week, now I get a whole day.

  3. I am a pre-schooler mum but having passed through the phase of being a toddler mom I can so relate to this post. Its imperative that we take out time for self-care.

  4. Even though I had been a self-care champion for years, I was surprised how difficult it was initially for me after my first child. After some time, I realized that taking that me-time for exercise (or whatever) was a happier and healthy mom for my child(ren). Go get that self-care mamas!

  5. Self care is very important whether you are single or have babies. If we forgot to take care of ourselves, then how can we expect to excel on taking care of others.

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