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Travel to Transylvania (facts + toddler traveling tips)


We visited the largest country in Southeastern Europe, Romania, and came home fully fresh. Was it about Carpathian Mountains and fresh air, or was it about hiking through Dracula’s castle? I don’t know, but everybody said we all look fully rested.

Travel to Transylvania 1

A few words about

Capital: Bucharest; Language: Romanian (similar to Italian); Currency: Leu/Lei; Head of State: President of the Republic; Democratic country; Member of: EU and NATO.

I must admit Romanian people are very weird. While they are very polite (maybe even too much), it seems like they don’t want money. They don’t accept EURO which was a big problem for us (because we were traveling back on weekend when exchange office was closed).

They do have a certain style. There are still houses built back in Romanian Renaissance, with all those gentle colors lying there artistically. But also, a beautiful Moldavian style with sharp roofs and many colors that fit perfectly into one another.

Travel to Transylvania

Fashion in Romania is what I do not fancy at all. It sure is unique, but not everywhere. While we were traveling through villages we saw women with old-fashioned scarves on their heads and men with Russian caps (or other caps that were like very traditional and old-fashioned caps for dwarves in dark colors). But in big cities like Bucharest, Timisoara, Craiova, Pioiesti – people were fashionable. But without much taste. White sweaters with black flowers on men, and yellow coats with trousers on women. Of course I know they have people that are dressed classy and nice, but I think that is not the main picture. I do like Sanda Beu (here’s the link), that’s an awesome Romanian fashion designer!


Their tradition is beyond beautiful. Christmas si so much about selling handmade gifts and spending time with family. Easter is probably the most important. They pay attention about their eggs so much (always carefully painted in their colors: yellow, red, and blue). Sometimes during holiday, they wear their folk costumes and dance. March 1st is Martisor day. On that day, people give each other amulets with names written on them to show appreciation for each other.

Historical places

No such thing as historical place! I love to imagine myself traveling through time and I often make myself believe I am feeling a certain moment or century by only knowing a few facts. Like when I was in Venice on St. Mark’s Square, looking at it’s three sides (and you couldn’t say which could win the beauty award), I really felt the magic of those streets centuries ago.

Romania is full of them. Bucharest and it’s unknown soldier’s tomb, Alba Iulia Fortress, The Marasesti Mausoleum, and of course, castles. Many castles! And we were interested into that one settled in Transylvania. Bran Castle (Castelul Bran), or castle where Vlad Tepes (great Imperior) lived, or Dracula’s Castle. My husband’s and mine childhood wishes went live, and we managed to do that with a toddler!

Traveling with a toddler

Even though we were very scared to travel Carpathian Mountains with the little one, we decided it would be perfect to introduce him to a great legend Dracul was. By the way, he enjoyed the view of those mountains the most! He was just sitting in his car sit, listening to his favorite David Bowie CD (here’s the link to a post about that) and looking through window. We were planning this trip years ago, when we were only dating. But somehow, we never made it to Transylvania. And little one visited the Castle itself this young!

Tips for traveling with a toddler

Pack everything two days before (and always write down exactly what you packed, so that you can add something you remembered missing). Here is another link with complete list of things I am packing for my child.

Of course, keep in mind the list had to be adapted to winter weather and that it includes jacket, boots, scarf etc.

Use the child’s nap time because you sure want to protect him from boredom. If you can, you should travel during night.

Make pauses and let the child run somewhere safe so he can stretch and clear his mind.

Visit a doctor and make sure it is OK to travel abroad at that time.

Use a hotel that is kid-friendly.

And really, don’t travel too much! Because children tend to feel homesick, where is safe and sound for them (and surrounded by toys). The main reason we visited Transylvania only is that.


I am going to write a new post about Transylvania, Vlad Tepes (Count Dracula), and of course, THE CASTLE.


  1. Natalie - February 6, 2018

    So interesting learning about Romania through your eyes and experience. Hoping to visit more of Europe this year!

  2. Holly - February 6, 2018

    Your baby is so cute and it looks like he was having fun. Romania is such a beautiful and historical place. Dracula’s castle had to be exciting.

  3. Curlywhippedtee - February 6, 2018

    This looked like a fun trip. I am looking forward to trips with my toddler this year.

  4. Nazrin Miah - February 6, 2018

    WOW. Transylvanioa looks as though it has stepped right out of a fairy tale book! My imagination would run completely wild! I would explore every inch of Draculas castle!

  5. Nicole Caudle - February 6, 2018

    I’m a huge history and literature nerd. I can’t wait for your blog post on the castle! This looks like an amazing trip, I would love to be able to take my children here one day.

  6. Sarah Bailey - February 6, 2018

    I bet Transylvania is such an amazing place to get to explore, all the history just wow! Definitely somewhere I think everyone should get to see at some point.

  7. Jay Colby - February 6, 2018

    I’ve always wanted to visit Europe its such a beautiful place. These are some great travel tips.

  8. Andrea - February 6, 2018

    This sounds like an incredible and very fun trip. It must of been awesome to see Dracula’s castle and not only that but your family seems like they had a blast.

  9. Anosa - February 6, 2018

    I guess I have to keep in mind the currency to bring whenever I get the chance to visit the place. I love all your pictures especially your very cute little one.

  10. Kiwi - February 6, 2018

    Thats nice you traveled with your toddler. I also think Transylvania is an amazing mythical place!

  11. corinne & kirsty - February 6, 2018

    Romania sounds amazing! I have never been but really want to go! there are so many things to see and so much history!

  12. Amber Myers - February 6, 2018

    This sounds like a fun trip! I would like to go here one day. I know my kids would like it. I’d enjoy the historical places.

  13. Sela - February 6, 2018

    Your post, pictures and your son are all fabulous. I wold love to visit Dracula’s castle! How exciting. I just know that you guys had tons of fun’

  14. Xavier Young - February 6, 2018

    It really seems like you were traveling back in time! Great post!

  15. Ben Willgruber - February 6, 2018

    You’re such a handsome family I have to say! All in all, I never thought I’d ever be interested in traveling to Transylvania, but your post sure peeked my interest.

  16. Kristi McAllister - February 6, 2018

    Some interesting facts about Romania! How frustrating that the exchange office was closed! Your little one is super cute and looks like he’s a pro at traveling! Great tips!

  17. Jessica Joachim - February 6, 2018

    This looks like it was such a good trip! I would love to visit Transylvania one of these days! We plan on doing a lot of travel with the kids in the next few years.

  18. sarah camille - February 7, 2018

    What a fun excursion! I will stay tuned for your post about the castle – it sounds so cool!

  19. Kelly Hutchinson - February 7, 2018

    I love the idea of handmade gifts during Christmas time. I have a coworker who is married to someone from Transylvania and I’m sure she’d love to see the pictures you have taken!

  20. Dee Jackson - February 7, 2018

    These are such great tips for any mom on the move. Your trip looked like fun

  21. emmanuel damian - February 7, 2018

    Love your photos! I want to visit Romania soon. Seems like a fun place to visit!

  22. Erin Kay - February 7, 2018

    I think it’s great you travel with your toddler! What a great way to teach him about other places, people, and things! Nice post and photos!

  23. Cristina Leau - February 7, 2018

    I’m glad you enjoyed yourself in my country. The bran castle is pretty but I do believe that the Peles Castle is more beautiful. You can see it in the A Christmas Prince movie.

  24. Sondra Barker - February 7, 2018

    I have always wanted to go here!! looks like you did the trip perfectly!!

  25. Erica Ardali - February 7, 2018

    Ok… true Confession I was in my 20’s before I realized Transylvania was an actual place. I always thought it was a fictional setting for the Dracula novel and movies. (lol) Silly me. I do think this town looks so pretty! It’s like it fell out of a storybook.

  26. Suzanne Spiegoski - February 7, 2018

    This trip looked like so much fun! I bet your toddler really enjoyed this trip. 🙂

  27. Jessica Taylor - February 7, 2018

    Traveling with a toddler is hard no matter where you go haha! So jealous that you got to go to Transylvania!

  28. LavandaMichelle - February 7, 2018

    I liked this post, it was very informational. I learned a lot about Transylvania. I always picture it a dark town, because of the tale of Dracula. But it looks beautiful, I liked learning about the traditions. Thanks for sharing!

  29. Aleksincanin - February 7, 2018

    Great post!

  30. Elizabeth L - February 7, 2018

    This is really neat! I have never been to Transylvania but it totally looks like a fun place to visit. Those are also some amazing toddler travel tips.

  31. maritza baez - February 7, 2018

    i ahve wanted to go there for so long. the architecture is just so exquisite

  32. Heather @ Kraus House Mom - February 7, 2018

    The building look like they do in the old drawing, so awesome. I love castles, Dracula’s is one of the ultimate ones to visit.

  33. Ingrid - February 7, 2018

    I also like the Moldavian style with sharp roofs and many colors that fit perfectly into one another. The traditional Romanian architecture is beautiful.

  34. Jessica Taylor - February 7, 2018

    I have heard that Transylvania is beautiful! So jealous that it is near your country!

  35. Dana Peller - February 7, 2018

    Traveling with little ones can be tough, but it sure gets easier with time. And yes, always go with kid-friendly hotels.

  36. Jelena - February 7, 2018

    I’ve never been to Romania and this will be one of the destinations this year. Of course, with the obligatory visit of Count Dracula Castle.

  37. Cindy Gordon - February 7, 2018

    This has been a dream destination of mine. There is so much amazing history there!

  38. Fely - February 7, 2018

    Looks like you all had fun. Too bad the exchange office was closed. Hope you got by okay. Their buildings are beautiful. Hopefully I can visit one day.

  39. Ari - February 8, 2018

    These photos are amazing. It’s so cool that your baby is able to see the world. It’ll really change his perspective!

  40. Aashima - February 8, 2018

    Such an informative post. Thanks for the great tips of travelling with toddlers. Can really use some.

  41. Tatanisha Worthey - February 8, 2018

    That would be so unforgettable. I would just die if I got to go there!

  42. Ruth I. - February 8, 2018

    I would love to read ypue future post about Transylvania and Dracula. I didn’t know there is such palace in real life. Please post a lot of pictures too.

  43. AnnMarie John - February 8, 2018

    I’ve always been curious about Transylvania and what you can experience there when you’re traveling with a child. I think these are awesome tips, thank you!

  44. Lisa - February 8, 2018

    Did you guys choose to visit Romania just for Dracula? 😉 Looks like you guys had a great time, it can’t be easy travelling with a little one!

  45. LaToyia Dennis - February 8, 2018

    Oh wow…your kiddo is adorable. And that place looks magical. Sounds like you all had a great time indeed.

  46. Ann Snook - February 8, 2018

    Transylvania wouldn’t be first on my list of places to visit, but your post might have changed my mind! Great tips for traveling with kids . . . I think they apply to adults, too!

  47. diana - February 8, 2018

    I’m going to Transylvania in two weeks! I saw your pics and now I can’t wait for my flight!

  48. Silvia Martinez - February 9, 2018

    What an enchanting place. I love their Christmas tradition of selling handmade gifts.

  49. Angela Bethea - February 9, 2018

    This is very helpful and practical tips for traveling with a little one. This place sounds really lovely!

  50. Emily - February 11, 2018

    It’s nice to read about Romania from your experience. Never been to Europe, hopefully some day I can visit and experience what you and your family experienced on this trip.

    Nice photos too.:-)

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