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Toddler on a vacation (we survived and even took pictures)

October 1, 2017

Considering everything, it didn’t take us much time to pack our bags for this September vacation in Greece. Our toddler is 18 months old. He gets nervous for no reason at all, and he gets bored for so many reasons. I am sometimes paranoid. And I like to pack yellow t-shirts with yellow t-shirts. My husband is an anchor. And he is so careful and calm. Since the autumn started, I decided to wave late goodbyes to a summer 2017 with this post.

Milija on a summer vacation


  • Packing a toddler’s bag for a vacation


I must admit that packing was the hardest. Last year our son was 6 months old. He was so little and all his clothes could fit into one small bag. In another, even smaller bag, was his food. That was the time when he didn’t have lunch by himself, and I did not have to change his clothes several times a day. I suppose you understand my worries. Sometimes we must change our clothes too, because his food is all over us. And since vacation is in September, how much long-sleeved shirts and jackets? Will I be able to protect him from the Sun properly etc.

My mind decided to bring full bag of my son’s stuff. And guess what? I needed every single thing from his bag!

Clothing: 10 onesies, 3 pairs of pyjamas, 10 t-shirts, 5 shirts (3 long-sleeved, 2 short-sleeved), 4 long-sleeved sweatshirts, 10 pants/shorts, 8 pairs of socks, 2 hats, jacket, and shoes and sandals.

Toiletries: diapers, swimming diapers, baby wash, face and body cream, wet wipes, diaper rash cream, toothbrush, comb, nails kit, towels.

Feeding: Snacks and milk, milk and water bottles, detergent.

Other: baby carriage, car seat, blanket, toys and books (beach toys are most needed), sunglasses, sunscreen, medicaments (allergy, temperature, cold, mosquito bite), thermometer, and all documents needed.

Traveling by car


  • Traveling by car


We did all car checking a couple of days before and prepared the car seat. One day before we hit the road, we put carriage and all bags inside the car. Also, snacks are of great importance. I prepared sandwiches, fruits, crackers, popcorn and milk.

My husband was driving the whole time. It was my job to entertain the kid. Small children can’t enjoy the views because they can’t see much from their car seat, so they tend to get bored many times. It would be great to start the journey when your child is asleep. Make sure you don’t forget a blanket and a pillow. Of course, sleeping in a car isn’t so comfy. Your little one will wake up sometime (if the trip is long).

But, you know, he surprised us indeed. Since he is a great fan of a Rebel Rebel song from David Bowie, he kept ordering the song with his cute voice over and over again. And he enjoyed it for a very long time. So, that CD with a Rebel Rebel song really helped us!

But of course there was a time he was crying and screaming… So I needed to entertain him a lot. Yes, I was talking to him. I was also singing and making funny faces. But a toddler would not be a toddler if he doesn’t get bored. I mostly entertained Milija (son) with his alphabet/pictures/mathematics cards, cars, singing book, and his favorite drummer set.

We had to stop more than usual. It was necessary. Don’t be angry if the traveling doesn’t go the way you want it, just try to understand. Children need fun, it’s their most important business. Always remember you were that kid once too.



  • Nausea and traveling

He is one of those kids. It took us a lot to figure out he pukes when his stomach is full AND when his stomach is empty. So, the golden middle. There are few other tips to prevent that too. You should not give your child sour food and fats. Stop each time you figure out the child is nervous and go outside. Consult your doctor about some medicaments. But, my greatest tip is to go when the child is asleep.


2nd day beach


  • Expectations that did not happen


We have not be able to think about this vacation this year. It was already September when my husband’s mom came to us and said that she found something and it seems like a nice place for a family. We went to Nea Flogita (a village in Halkidiki, Greece, 52 km from Thessaloniki, and 6km from Nea Moudania).

Beach was our first location (just when we arrived). Tiredness did not allow us to swim that day, but we wanted to see Milija’s reaction. He was not quite sure about the water, but he enjoyed playing with the sand.

The next day we went to beach after 4pm. And since our child was not used to that climate yet, he fell asleep at the beach. An hour later he woke up, but my husband was still sleeping. And since I know how much he loves sleeping on the beach, I took our little sunshine for a swimming lesson. He seemed exciting, so we got into the water. I was talking the whole time. Yes, some people were looking at me. And yes, I looked funny. But my son was happy and so beautiful.

Mom and son

The third day was really nice. It was my husband’s birthday and we visited a beautiful Nea Moudania during our night walk.

  • The problems

Our bodies were feeling grateful until the next three days when we went through hell. Milija got temperature but luckily, only for a night. Then, the mosquito bites and sun allergy. It wasn’t difficult to understand those rashes all over the body, because I am allergic to Sun too. There is no doctor in Nea Flogita. There is no pharmacy that is working in Nea Flogita, or in villages near this place. Survived the night, and went to the doctor in Nea Moudania the next morning. Bought the cream for both allergy and against mosquito bites and three days later felt relief.

Four days to enjoy in after this. Beach as usual, and Nea Kalikratea during our night walk on 6th day. It was a great gyros we ate there! My husband was in Nea Kalikratea a long time ago, so he knew where to eat. And he said the worker is still the same.

On our 7th day, we enjoyed the beach from 2pm until 7pm. The little one was sleeping protected from the Sun in his carriage until 4pm. After waking up, he had a club sandwiches lunch and then spent a very long time “swimming”.

Swimming lesson


Took him a while to relax again after those bad days he was facing with, but he was quite pleased after some negotiating.

Last two days of our vacation were very different. One day was so windy and cold, but we really enjoyed playing games and talking by the beach.

Daddy and son

This party maniac even feel asleep earlier (despite the climate and time zone he wasn’t used to) that day.

  • Cars for kids

We really wanted to show him how he is the best, so we put him on those cars for kids. It didn’t bring us any good.

kids car

Even though we knew it’s not good to let him drive this, we failed. He was so happy and so angry at the same time. He knew it had to finish sometimes…

Never give a child what a child does not need, or it will turn into a horror movie!

Our last day we spent in Thessaloniki where this little one experienced nothing but joy exploring all the ancient objects and a modern living with a great history behind it.


I am so proud of him. Despite everything he went through this summer vacation, I can come up with two words in order to shrotly describe his behavior: brave and adventurous.























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  1. Aww what an amazing sounding family vacation you took, your photos are beautiful and it sounds like you had the most amazing time as well and your little one looks so happy.

  2. It looks as though you had a very successful vacation with your little guy! He is really adorable. It can be hard to travel with kids that young but you KILLED it. Look at those smiles! They speak volumes.

  3. You can never pack too much when it comes to traveling with little ones that’s for sure! I love the huge smiles and the success story behind your travels. This is certainly going to motivate those that are wary of traveling with toddlers, to take the plunge.

  4. My sister took her then 2 year old to Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia with my family last XMAS and surprisingly she did amazingly well! I was extremely shocked with how well she did on the airplanes!!! 14 hours straight is NOT easy for a tot!

  5. I totally agree- never too much. 🙂 Thanks. Sure thing, toddlers are the cutest when they are experiencing something new.

  6. Thank you. 🙂 Well, we were on a vacation when he was 6 months old too. Guess last year opened any kinds of doors. 🙂

  7. Thanks! 🙂 Yes, it was a quality vacation indeed (even don’t we couldn’t sleep much). 🙂

  8. Glad you guys survived! Life is one grand adventure and it is so important to collect as many experiences as we can this is why this is our new slogan collect experiences not junk! Your little one is ADORABLE !

  9. I enjoyed reading this. All the adventure and fun of vacation with a toddler. I know it’s not easy at all, glad you survived it!

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