The story

You carry your beauty wherever you go, but only if it comes from your passionate heart. This I embrace because my mind is free. I’m a mom, a wife, a woman. I’m a literature student, writer and a music addict (aren’t we all). Not a fashion obsession things in the air around me! And here I am kidding a little bit – but nothing’s about obsession and it’s all about passion. I cook at 7 am, drink green tea at 8.30, I play with cars and give kisses, hug my husband as he arrives from work… And in all of that – I truly, passionately LOVE!

 A message for the visitor:

Hey, I’m glad you found me!

Hope your day is going bright. If not, try to remember that all will pass – one way or another.

This is the place where I share with you all sequences of my life. But most importantly, this is my journey. Mommying, wifeing, cooking, studying, writing, dreaming, living JOURNEY! As far as I remember, one day I woke up and my life passed all levels of happiness. And that is what your life is trying to achieve too! You don’t believe me now, I know. There are bills awaiting, work to do, rush time, and so on. But those are just tasks. Life won’t be interested without them. And every one you accomplish, and every medal you achieve – you are greater, bigger, better.

Stay with me and dream with me. I promise I will help you open the right door.