Television and young children (safe or not)

January 11, 2018

The world is all about television. People are very inactive, cranky, confused, and without will for short walks and sweet stories. They are happy when they buy a smart TV, and make a party in front of it. They sit and talk about all the options, neglecting the real world and all the other beautiful feelings. I’ve even seen people staring into some show and not seeing their unhappy children. At first, a child would cry or try to pull you off the couch. After some time, they will start to feel very alone. But then, after some more time, they will become your smaller version. Because it’s happier by your side. And that’s not the person you want to be in front of your child.

Why shouldn’t young children watch so much television?

PHYSICAL ACTIVITY is one of the most important things for young children. It develops their brain, their body, and it makes them happy (because of a hormone of happiness that is produced during it). But unfortunately, if you want your child to be smart, handsome, and happy, you’ll have to pause the cartoon for a much longer period. Children often sit while they watch television, and they certainly don’t have time for books, cars, and other toys. This can also lead to overeating and slower metabolism, which is so popular among TV addicts.

Learning time

ADVERTISEMENTS. There is so much bad things your child can see on a TV. People promote junk food, weapon toys, expensive cars designed only for sitting, makeup and more. How do you think this affects your little one?

AGGRESSIVE BEHAVIOR is in so much cartoons these days (weapons and bad behavior among characters). It’s really hard to choose one that’s completely without it. If you ask me what comes to my mind first when you say the word “cartoons”, well here is the list: yelling, fighting, bad language and sayings like: I hate myself, I hate my nose, I hate when it rains, you are stupid etc. This all makes children confused on which path should they follow. Characters that don’t promote kindness, tolerance, and don’t share toys with each others aren’t a good example (but they are still there). On the other side, parents are very tolerant and most often share their own toys (car keys, phone, books). And on a playground out there, children are either bad or good. This all (good or bad children and bad acting characters to follow) makes your child act aggressive. So try and eliminate that one factor (because you can’t eliminate play time with other children for it is important factor of growing up) and simply be a good role model.


FEAR OF REALITY. Because everything is real for them. Even if your child doesn’t seem scared, scary movies or shows can bring nightmares. Don’t forget that children often have unreal fears. They get scared of water (my brother thought water eats small children), of flowers (that little girl on a TV was scared because that sunflower was so big and I think it could’ve eat her if it had a chance)…

SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT AND SMART KID goes together. Television gives children less time to interact with others and do all the smart things. This is the time when your child is developing love towards reading books, so don’t neglect this.

IMAGINATION. The same here. When a child reads a book, he often imagines lots of things. Television, on the other side, gives clear picture and not room for imagination and creativity.


FAMILY TIME should not always be based on watching television while talking, smiling, eating, cooking, reading, drawing… Because it makes family feel like they are strangers. I would love my child to consider me as a friend (not best friend, but still friend) when he is a teenager. And I also want to teach him how family time should be considered important (cause it is). That’s the reason while I talked to my parents on watching (not watching to be precise) television when we come to visit them with our son. They agreed.

PROBLEM SOLUTIONS. Please don’t forget how important this is! Children should be able to develop the skill of solving their cranky mood on their own. So don’t turn the television on every time your child is having a bad day, because you want to make a healthy grown-up (not a quiet child).


It’s ok to watch it sometimes.

Because everybody is watching it. And television can be educative too. There are TV shows about literature, art, music, words, science, animals and nature, mathematics etc. But I recommend only educative cartoons for young children. We are watching Little Baby Bum.

How much television?

It is quiet enough to watch ONLY 30 minutes per day. This is the time when they develop their skills very quickly, and they should do that most time of the day. Of course, if a child is teething or sick- there can be some broken rules.


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  1. This is a great post. I have a toddler and I worry about her tv time. Sometimes it’s so
    Hard to desire between keeping her entertained or letting her watch tv. She will sit and watch a show for an hr or so but will not spend the same amount of time with other objects.

  2. This is a lovely post, I was asking myself this week how much tv is too much and I don’t think I ever found the answer. It can affect the child’s behaviour sometimes but luckily my boy has never been addicted to tv but also I need to get rid of he gaming devices because they are getting addictive.

  3. I always had the TV on since my kids were tiny. Granted, it wasn’t always shows for them, but I figured the extra language would be beneficial. I usually had it on news. They would get a few hours of TV time, but would generally still be playing with their toys.

  4. This was a great post with some great insight on how much TV is actually acceptable for children watching. I agree it should be limited, because to much TV can influence kids thoughts and decisions.

  5. We do watch TV here. As a family and the kids may watch things on their own. It’s definitely more then 30 minutes even a movie is more then 30 minutes. I dont let it babysit my kids. I also am fully aware of what my kids are watching in order to avoid things I may not want them to see.

  6. Physical activity is key. We always tried to keep the kids busy during the day. It wasn’t easy, but it was a fun reminder of what it was to be a kid again. Sometimes I miss those days.

  7. I think the main issue comes with social behavior and imagination. Violence is omnipresent on TV so not a good example. Also, I think TV prevents imagination to develop and that’s a shame coz that’s what we need most!

  8. I go back and forth on this one. My two year old has a designated play room, so she gets lots of time in active play, as well as being read to, flashcards, etc. But I have also found that our phones are a great learning tool for her. She watches ABC Kids TV on YouTube, and she has learned numbers, abc’s in other languages, and song lyrics, faster than we can teach them to her. I think that TV and phone time can be useful, but we limit that as well to learning activities.

  9. I completely agree with your post! I acknowledge that it’s a challenge, but parents need to be more vigilant in terms of how much screen time their little one gets. It can be really harmful in the long run.

  10. I let my kids watch TV and they had plenty of physical activity and they also had plenty of educational stimulation. The show my kids watched when they were younger didn’t have any negative messages. All three of my kids are very caring, smart, empathetic despise being exposed to TV. It was never used as a babysitter.

  11. Not having children I have never thought about kids and TV, I can see how it can definitely be bad if they have too much screen time, after all imaginative play is always a good thing too.

  12. I think kids should be playing outside whenever possible, with other kids.
    T.V is not the best option to keep children entertained on a daily basis, especially under the age of 12. In saying that, its tough being a parent, there are no rule books. Maybe a balance is the answer!

  13. I agree that too much TV is not good for children. For my niece, I find that there needs to be a balance between play and intellectually stimulating television.

  14. This is so true. There is so much junk on television, and little kids definitely don’t need to be exposed to it. Their time is better spent playing.

  15. I think screen time should be limited to a child’s favourite show. Also more emphasis should be on what the child finds interesting in the real world and replacing it with the tv.

  16. We have the cheapest cable plan and still don’t watch it. I keep thinking we’ll drop it but haven’t yet. I’m not big on TV.

  17. We’re always looking for ways to keep the boys active. Too much TV is definitely impacting the minds of those around us — can you imagine what it does to the little ones? Scary!

  18. I guess, giving them only intervals of watching tv and not a full one hour or non-stop. Give them room to explore, play interactive games such as puzzles and the like.

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