Set your goals and make them sparkle

July 21, 2017

Metaphorically or not, you have to open your eyes and embrace the changes. Wake up and set your goals today!

Any ground that sparkles happiness is a safe ground. Allow your footsteps to make one more move. Baby steps! Don’t rush, your time is the one thing that can really work for you. You just have to learn how to control it. And how to walk along the time. Now with that said there is one more thing you should trust me on. YOU can have it all! Yes, you- the bus driver, you- the teacher, you- the scientist, you- the farmer. You all share the same Universe and that is the Universe that provides you goods anytime you ask for them.


  • Think.

Now, sit down and make your room quiet. Ask yourself what is the one thing that makes you happy? I assume the answer lies in your hobbies. Second move is to write them all down and reorder them. Which hobby are you best at? Like you barely lose and it motivates you in so many ways? And which hobby doesn’t fulfill you, but you’re doing it because it makes someone other happy? Throw that one away and reorder others starting with the one that you are the best at and that makes your stomach produce butterflies! That one, the first on the list should be your future. Find a way to make it your job and you’ll be the happiest person alive!


  • Goals.

Your goals are your priority. Make sure never to forget your path on becoming the greater you. Write down all your major goals and make a map on how to achieve every single one. You want to be healthier? Make a meal plan for 3 weeks. And you really want to exercise 4 times a week? Investigate workouts for beginners and find the best time of the day (when your energy is on highest level and you have an extra time for yourself). Want a better job? Start searching and work on your skills more often. Don’t accept boring rules on how to live, but reserve your own tickets for your own dreamland. Follow your mind as it is your one true guide.


  • Detox.

This goes for both your mind and body. Do you remember that boy from school who was shy and not so smart, but you found a best friend in him? And the girl who was always screaming and putting all the drama on the table in front of you? Now, do you still remember the one who got it all under control? Everyone has their own story. You’ll have to do things in the best cliche ways if your goal is succeeding. Stop forgiving “friends”, boyfriends, sisters. Spend less time with those people who doesn’t allow you to express and put you down. Make your own detoxifying morning routine. Water, healthy breakfast, exercise, getting things done. Morning Sun is your bestie, let it shine on you. On the other side, evening should please you with a nice book spoiling your dictionary and smartness. Try to turn off your TV and your phone. Breathe in the calmness.


  • Accept.

You will not be the happiest person every single second of your life. You will face dead ends, fears, and drama. In every uncomfortable situation repeat your mantra. It should be something like “What is the worse that can happen? I am strong, mature and beautiful. I will find my way back.” Always let the negativity behind and hold onto your strength. Learn how to enjoy your alone time and you will never fear life. Abandon perfectionism for this smoke may be crucial on your confidence.


  • Visualize.

This is as simple as a piece of cake. Meditate and visualize. Connect with your inner you and order it to grow bigger every day. Send signals to Universe and let it make your wishes come true. Work hard, stay on line, open your arms. Wait for it and never forget on your wishes. Never abandon your goals. Always say mantras and don’t close your heart. You are the ONE as we all are different. Write the story your own way.

Always stay positive


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