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Pregnancy nutrition (the best food for both baby and you)

August 26, 2017

It’s never too early, nor too late, to start with the “pregnancy nutrition chapter”. My story was pretty ordinary. I detoxify before I got pregnant, because I got pregnant when I wanted to. This only means it was a bit easier for me, but it’s not like you’re too late because you’re in your 3rd trimester, or just got pregnant (but did not detoxify before).

You, as an upcoming parent, want for your child to be born healthy. There are some things that can help your wish come true. Of course first on the list is pregnancy nutrition. We get health from what we eat. Make sure to gift your child with good quality packages every day.



  • Benefits of healthy eating during pregnancy:


You will probably give birth to a very healthy baby.

The risk of anemia and preeclampsia will be low.

Tiredness, morning sickness and constipation- you will have to face with these rarely.

Mood swings won’t be a big problem.

You could expect faster recovery from the birth.

Luckily, there will not be extra pounds.



  • How much calories?

Not much. A healthy diet in pregnancy is similar to average healthy nutrition. Your fetus needs about 300 calories per day. Everything over it, is just too much.


  • What to eat?

PROTEINS are very important for that little sunshine growing inside you, because they help baby’s development. Pregnant women should take 2-3 portions of protein per day (milk, eggs, fish, chicken).


CALCIUM (3 portions per day). Of course calcium is of great importance. Especially if you grow. It protects bones, teeth, heart, and nervous system. Also, if you don’t get enough calcium, baby will take it from your bones. Get it from milk, yogurt, natural juice, cheese etc.

VITAMIN C should be taken every day, through 3 portions. Our body cannot storage vitamin C! We need it for strong bones, tissue regeneration, wound healing. Great sources of vitamin C are grapefruit, orange, lemon, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries…

VITAMIN A, VITAMIN E, RIBOFLAVIN (and other B group vitamins) are found in green and yellow vegetables and fruits and we need to eat them through 2 portions per day. And they provide us with healthy eyes and skin, and also help cell growth. Examples are mango, papaya, nectarine, melon, green salad, pumpkin, carrot, tomato…

POTASSIUM, MAGNESIUM, LYCOPENE (2 portions per day) are important for health generally. They are found in apples, bananas, pomegranate, avocado, beans, zucchini, peas…

INTEGRAL CEREALS (6 portions per day), like oats, corn, or millet, are very rich in nutrients, B group vitamins, iron, zinc, selenium, magnesium. They can help your baby to grow, and repress morning sickness. If you want to stick to a good pregnancy nutrition- you get stick to cereals!


FOOD RICH IN IRON (buffalo and turkey meat, spinach, roasted potato, pumpkin seeds, quinoa, beans) should be taken everyday, but only one small portion. Iron is essential for the formation of your baby’s tissue, and also for your own needs. Of course, if you get enough vitamin C, the absorption of iron is bigger.

FATS are of great importance in the last trimester, especially omega-3 fatty acids. But don’t eat them too much! And, of course, if you are still too skinny, you can try with one more portion of fats per day. Try with healthy versions: olive oil, butter, peanut butter, sour cream).

Meat and veggies

FLUIDS (at least 9 cups per day) also count in pregnancy nutrituon. You don’t only eat for two, you drink for two also! Your baby needs water just like you do!

FOLIC ACID. This is something what you take from prenatal vitamins, but it is a form of vitamin b9 (folate). It is good for the nervous system, and it fights against its damages.












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  1. Thanks for these info and tips! I think it is better to monitor the diet during pregnancy for both Mom and the baby. I guess it would be hard to deliver a huge baby 🙂

  2. Maybe yes, maybe no.. who would’ve known. 🙂 But I agree, I can say it was pretty easy because I was kinda fit. 🙂

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