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Pregnancy journey (letter to my pregnant childhood friend)

December 2, 2017

An unexpected words from my childhood friend made my heart explode. She is one of those people Universe sends to you if you deserve it. Now, she and I don’t talk every day and we don’t go out together a lot. But every time we have a chance to talk, we talk the same language. Our taste for life combines somewhere between real interests and imagination.

Sprinkled with a uniqueness, intelligent, gorgeous, brave, calm and happy- she is pregnant and confused.

Pregnant in fall

 Pregnancy journey

Pregnancy makes your body different forever, and pregnancy does that in a beautiful way. It doesn’t make you ugly, and it’s really not that simple what’s happening while that tiny human grows inside you. Stretch marks (here’s the link of product my friend told me about and I am satisfied with it) and a lot of pounds aren’t a necessity. Yes, there are some things you can’t avoid, but it’s all different for every single woman alive. Here’s my story…

First trimester:

When I saw those two red lines on my pregnancy test, I wanted my husband to stay at home that morning because I was so excited! I was jumping around house, and doing nothing else. I wrote down my obligations: no caffeine, no sugar, no alcohol, exercise at least 4 days in a week. And I was dedicated. During my 9-month-journey, I drank only 4 cups of coffee (I remember every single one), never had alcohol, I exercised a lot, and I reduced my diet. I also started to consume folic acid vitamin for the baby brain. My first symptom was annoying time I spent in the toilet (nausea and urinating). Then, my confusion started. I was constantly forgetting things and I felt the need everyone should be a bit quiet. Also, first trimester was the time I was scared about baby (even though I was perfectly healthy). As the first trimester was coming to end, my stomach started to hurt and I felt discomfort for the first time. But I was still going to gym at that time doing my HIIT workout. It helped me not to feel so tired and strange in my own body.

Pregnant in fall

Second trimester:

I had my best time when second trimester started. First three months I was vomited two or three times every day (and I was scared of stepping outside my house). In second trimester, it stopped! I was feeling more alive than ever, but my stomach started to grow and so I had to quit on high intensity workout. Of course I didn’t give up on fitness even then. Low intensity cardio, pilates and yoga jumped into my everyday routine at that time. I couldn’t workout hard because my breasts started to hurt, and with that came bloating and metallic taste in my mouth. But really, in second trimester I went to my classes every day and I also finished some exams. I was feeling happy and alive, mostly because I felt my baby moving and I knew I had to be the greatest version of myself. This was the time we found out we’re having a boy!

Pregnant in fall

Third trimester:

Well, in the end of this adventure nausea became my everyday routine again, and the time when I got huge and couldn’t move. At this stage of my pregnancy journey I tried my best to eat healthy (here’s the link about pregnancy nutrition). My energy was constantly low and I was fighting anemia. But at the same time, my heart was beating so fast and I couldn’t sit down for more than 10 minutes. My baby was also very active at night and I couldn’t sleep. Some nights it felt like I was choking, but I found out later that was only my brain. My feet were very nervous and I wanted it to end at last! Beauty problems appeared as well: pimples, rash and hair loss. About my workout, I moved on pregnancy yoga only because of hip opening and so that I could stay fit. Working out during pregnancy also helps develop baby’s intelligence!

Kegels exercises:

Kegels exercises are strengthening your pevlic floor muscles. And those strong muscles can bring many benefits during pregnancy. They are reason number one I gave birth to my son in a couple of minutes (and felt exactly when I will deliver). I envisioned every single detail and I felt that contractions will start at 4am and end at 7am. I gave birth to my son at 7.20, on March 19 in 2016 (4 days after due date). At 9pm on March 18 I said to my husband I will wake him up. Then I packed my bag, had a bath, and watched cartoon until 3am when I fell asleep. After an hour of sleep, strange pain woke me up and I knew it is time. 3 hours later I was blessed.

Baby arrived home

Annoying questions I was asked on the daily basis:

  • How old are you/Are you old enough?

  • Have you planned it?

  • Are you sure you can sit like that (lotus pose)?

  • Shouldn’t you eat more meat, like horse meat maybe? (me thinking: why can’t everyone consider nausea)

  • How many cucumbers can you eat know?

  • You’re pale, is everything ok?

  • Shouldn’t you get some more sleep, because you will never be able to sleep again? (me thinking: i’m so cool, i stay up late at night because i want to be a hipster)

  • Are you cold? Here, put this on… (me thinking: i’m constantly swelling and no one sees it?!)

  • Did your feet change? Can you wear high heels?

  • Can I touch your stomach? Is he moving? (me thinking: nobody likes that)

  • Do you want to hear my delivery story? It was terrible…

  • What do you think about breastfeeding? Are you going to breastfeed?

  • Have you consulted your doctor about working out with that big stomach?

  • When is he coming out, I’m so impatient? (me thinking: and i’m not…)

Pregnancy Jorney

Dear friend

I promise it’s not scary at all. I believe in you to become the greatest version of yourself, to follow your heart, and never to forget talking with that tiny human inside you. Sing, read, play guitar, exercise, eat well, smile, and try to have some rest. You are the most important person right now, but you already know that. You are going to be a great mom, and you are going to be proud. Now that you have opened a new chapter, close every other page that doesn’t bring you any good. You are strong, and now is the time you use your strength!

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  1. Very interesting text, I felt so pleasant, piecefull actually, reading this. Also, a lot of useful pregnancy tips!

  2. Wonderful words for the most beautiful thing in the world! This is my second pregnancy and an unforgettable adventure with a beard whose heart hits exactly my success. With stretch marks, a big kilos, a huge stomach, you are the most beautiful woman at the time!

  3. When you’re pregnant, you’re kind of scared but more of excited because you don’t know what can happen anytime of the whole pregnancy journey. My advice, just cherish the whole 9 months that a miracle is happening inside your body. It’s such a wonderful feeling!

  4. Isn’t this the most precious thing in the world, being pregnant, knowing that your baby is right there in your heart (and your belly)? I’m not old enough to be pregnant yet, but reading this made me understand how tired my mother was. Thanks a lot for your post <3

  5. Wow, what a great way to share your story …. as I can hardly remember these days. So glad you’re enjoying this experience enough to share with others … even the silly questions

  6. I think all mothers are the strongest and bravest women in the world. And I believe that pregnancy journey is the best moment of their lives. I’m glad that you gave birth to a cute and good boy safe and sound. Best wishes to you and your little family. Thanks for the experience you share.

  7. I have never been pregnant to feel strange in your own body paints the picture and makes t so vivid and real to a reader. Thank you for sharing your experience and your beautiful images.

  8. This such a wonderful read and a great reminder to all that each pregnancy is unique and that women are highly capable of caring for themselves as well as the growing baby inside! I absolutely hated it whenever anyone tried to touch my stomach and it is something I would never do to another woman who is pregnant. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experience!

  9. Being pregnant and bringing a child into the world is such a great gift! I was horribly miserable my whole pregnancy, but it was so worth it. Your little one is so precious!

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