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How to never give up on your fitness journey again?

October 24, 2017

I think my fitness journey started when I was about 12 years old. A teenager. You can blame my dad for that. During childhood, my brother and I were hooked on chips. And I remember dad preparing his version of some healthy chips for us. On vacations we were all having long walks by the sea, in mornings. He also made sure we took our fruit and veggies portion every day. That’s the story. When I became teenager I made my own rules. I even started to spend time in the kitchen, preparing some easy recipes (roasted potatoes, soup, tortillas). Of course I started working out at that time of age, and I really enjoy healthy lifestyle because it brings me energy and confidence.

There is time when I am so tired and I lose hope, but I always return to the right path. Everyone should be smart enough to choose a great way of life. In order to avoid giving up, they should find out more about why are they doing that.


  • Exercise for healthy lifestyle

Mostly, people exercise because they want to lose weight. If you are one of them, I am telling you this: You will get bored too fast! Results can’t be seen immediately, but you’re getting closer every day. Anyway, you should exercise for much better reasons. The main reason is your happiness, because physical activities make us produce endorphin (a hormone of happiness). When you exercise, you are working on your muscles and this helps you carry heavy things (baby, groceries bags, plants). It also helps us fight stressful situations (and everything’s so fast nowadays) and diminishes the risk of heart diseases, high blood pressure and diabetes. Great fitness journey also leads to better sleep. And sleeping brings us glowing skin.

fitness journey

  • Choose the right time for your fitness journey

Well, obviously the best time is in the morning when you are fresh and your body and mind are about to wake up. Can you find a better way to do that than to exercise? And if you need to make yourself to get out of bed earlier (I do cause my son is awake at 6.30), I recommend making plans for your food the night before. Meaning: overnight breakfast, slow-cooker lunch, and easy dinner. My favorite overnight breakfast is oatmeal with everything! You can always snack fruit and peanut butter. Other great time for physical activities is late afternoon. I workout around 6pm sometimes, and it feels so good to relax after very energetic toddler playtime.

Overnight oats

  • Healthy eating and detoxification

This never gets old and some things never change. It is time for you to start your own fitness journey asap! You want to look gorgeous and you want to feel energetic? You should eat that kind of food and you should drink plenty of water. That really isn’t difficult, and sure is not expensive. If you are using meal planning (like me) it is easy to stay fit and it may help you not to throw your money away. Along with water, smoothies are a powerful weapon. You can snack on them, and they also hydrate your body. Some fruits (like grape and lemon) help you fight fats and it’s a big green light to include them into your diet.















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  1. They say it takes 14 days to make it a habit. I think once I hit that mark, I’m good at staying consistent. But then life happens and I have to start over!

  2. These sound like some great tips, I think it can be easy to jump in head first without really thinking through a plan of what you can do to start with and where you want to go to.

  3. I really need to get back to eating better. When I stop planning all my meals, I always fall off the bandwagon. Planning is key to success!

  4. Wow! Journeying since 12 years old! That’s saying something! With me, it’s on & off. I just started 2 days ago & already all the muscles are sore. I hope I stick to it this time.
    That smoothie looks amazing!!

  5. This was a very inspiring article and touching to me. I lost my Gma February 2014 cirrhosis of the liver and it was the hardest time in my life and is still something I deal with but because of her I never give up or lose faith. Your Gma would be very proud of you for what you are doing for yourself and for helping others. I look forward to seeing more articles.

  6. My mind knows that exercise and being healthy is about feeling good (not about not being fat), but I just can’t seem to get my body in gear to get started! Ugh! I wish I had it all together like you!

  7. this is so inspirational. i love the motivation. there have been times in the past where i feel low motivation to workout… like in the early mornings when it’s cold and i dont want to get out of bed haha

  8. I am guilty of this. Due to very busy schedule, I tend to forgot my fitness routine. Thanks for these valuable reminders.

  9. I think that the hardest thing is to actually start a fitness journey. I have been going to the gym every day and during the first days it was really hard. But I didn’t give up and I still went and it made me feel so much better.

  10. These are all really great tips! I’d have to agree with the right time and always the right food most of all. Sometime’s it’s hard finding the time to exercise and do things like that, but it’s always easy to eat a bit healthier. Thanks for sharing!

  11. These are all great tips for never giving up on your fitness journey. It is so important to plan ahead and stick to a schedule so it becomes a routine. I believe detoxification is something you need to do before starting a new life style also. Thanks for sharing the tips.

  12. You totally have to know when it is right for you to start your journey and what type of fitness journey that will be. This is awesome.

  13. I do need to go on a better fitness journey. I will be honest my lack of my own journey is a time management issue.

  14. I recently started my workout journey. I did start off as a way to lose weight from having my son two years ago, yikes. It is true that if you go about it just concerning weightloss you tend to stop. I now want to have a healthy lifestyle over all. I like how it makes me feel.

  15. Hej Miljana, super ti je blog, sve sto sam do sada procitala je bilo prilicno poucno. Puno srece sa daljim tekstovima . Pozdrav,
    Ana, baba Brenina unuka 🙂

  16. Hej Miljana, super ti je blog. Sve sto sam do sada procitala bilo je prilicno poucno. Puno srece u daljem pisanju.
    Ana, Brenina unuka 🙂

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