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Embrace the change in 2018 (and learn from everything)

January 7, 2018

Embrace the change is really a phrase that old people know better than us. Everything was developing very quick in past, and it was all different in many beautiful ways.

50s were years when Rock and Roll became popular, Watson and Crick discovered DNA, people started using credit cards for the first time and watched TV in colors.

In 60s almost everyone was listening to The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, Cream, Bob Dylan and Joan Baez. It was very romantic and gentle.

70s were dressed in glam rock (glitter rock). Both women and men were wearing platform shoes and tight pants, plus it was all glittery. David Bowie was one of them who practically invented it (embrace the change phrase just goes with him). He created Ziggy Stardust (him) and The Spiders From Mars (rest of band) and they were all dressed in those glittery costumes with rare makeups and colored hairs. Movies of 70s are Godfather, Rocky, Halloween, Carrie, The Exorcist, Superman, Alien, Star Wars, but also Grease, Scrooge, Three Wishes For Cinderella…

Ziggy Stardust costume

We all know that 80s are best known for teased hair, neon eye shadows, and lot of makeup. Men weren’t outstanding in this era. Women also wore big sunglasses, bangles, and hoop earrings. If you are looking for a book to read, try Perfume written by Patrick Suskind and published in 1985. Music was various. I must admit, I am seeing 80s through my husband’s eyes. He was born in 80s and therefore grew up on Joy Division (he played in Joy Division cover band later), Bowie, The Smiths, Guns n’ Roses, The Jam and more. The happiest moment of his life was his mom getting him new cassette to listen while traveling to school. I promise he talks about that exact thing every time he gets a chance.

I was born in 90s, and 90s were very colorful. But not colorful like Ziggy Stardust was. It was all but artistic on clothes. People were wearing Nylon and ripped jeans. Grunge appeared, and many grandparents were afraid of drugs and scared for children. They used to name everything “drugs” and followed us almost everywhere. Some of us were never aware of Nylons. But some of us were afraid of every new day wondering what to wear tomorrow. Some listened to Nirvana, some listened to Enrique Iglesias.

Fashion was “everything goes together” in early 2000s, when I was a teenager. I’m afraid something bigger than us was sending short skirts to young girls and bad language to young boys. Money became more important than discipline, family, and happiness. Other than Santana and Red Hot Chilli Peppers, teenagers were into Eminem, P!nk, Britney Spears, JLO…

Nowadays, we are only imitating. We are either dressed in vintage, or modern 00s. I believe it’s time to open the chapter called: embrace the change. It is very hard to rise up and learn from any bad thing, but it can bring you the brightest sunshine. In 2017 I experienced misunderstanding, non-acceptance, frowning and bad words. And all because I had different opinion about something, or a change in me erupted and took the place over. The most important year of my life ended. I realized it opened a new perspective, and that I came out as a winner.

Here’s my 2017 story…


Family is the most important

In January last year our son celebrated his first New Year (if we don’t count the one in my stomach). He was so sweet and innocent (like a nine month old could be something else) and everyone was standing in line to kiss him. He wasn’t happy for the lights or tree as we expected, but he loved his new toys. I felt every moment, and I enjoyed in it. From that night I realized I couldn’t imagine my life somewhere else. That need of partying every December 31 wasn’t there. It also made me think of every New Year’s night that brought me no good with it’s terrible lists of songs and wrong people. I have really learned how to embrace the change (every change in me). With those two loves by my side I will always have the chance to write the story in many different ways.

2017 New Year

Time flies

Our little angel, Milija, turned 1 on March 19. The night before, my husband and I were making Raffaelo cake for him, and both of us didn’t think about the fact how that ONE year went by so fast. But when we had blown that one candle, we started capturing moments even with our sighs. They do grow up so fast (and nothing is more important than them)…

Milija's 1st birthday

Everybody has a lifestyle on his own

I was married to a gorgeous man before I got pregnant, and before I had this awesome life. We planned it all together, and no one could’ve stopped us. But, in April 30, we decided we want to get married in church. I was so excited about wearing the wedding dress, the music, and the room. From the moment I picked my wedding dress, I started to dance through every moment imagining that night. Everybody was dancing, talking and smiling…

And I don’t know why, but it all gone wrong. Manager kept on talking me out of my own food decoration, of our own time, and denied our wishes. The decorator did everything exactly how we wanted everything to be. All but a few things she forgot to bring! Djs messed up the cake songs, and almost everybody thought our dance was irrelevant. In the end, I was begging people to get up and dance. And should I bother mentioning some of them were wearing white?

If you think I was desperate many months after it happened, you’re wrong. My day wasn’t ruined, because I still had my husband beside me. And that one night really opened our eyes. If you are quiet, calm, and permissive, people are not working for you and with you. They just do things on their own. What about “everyone has a chance to talk”? You get that only if you are loud enough! I believe it is time that every single person who has something to say raise his/her voice.

Embrace the change in you

I became louder, and I keep my memories of “YES” deep inside me where is warm and safe.

Church wedding

Long time no see

Once upon a time, I had a friend who understood me and accepted the whole me. I enjoyed in making her laugh. I loved our philosophy talks, and an empath in her. Both of us had a need to understand people, and to forgive every mistake. We were observers of human race, and in love with poetry.

But unfortunately, our paths went conquering two different sides of world. And I really didn’t realize how much I’ve missed her since July, 2017 when we saw each other after a very long period of time. I was sad that she missed everything. My pregnancy, wedding, delivery, Milija’s first birthday, and more. But I was also very happy for the energy between us, because it hasn’t changed a bit.

She told me her story, and she saw me excepting it like I knew everything.

But she also listened to mine and, as always, finishing my lines.

Halloween party

Her nature was, and probably always will be, a set of beautiful varieties which can finish every puzzle. I hope she never loses it! She figured out how to embrace the change long time ago.

A good parent is a healthy parent

Before our second summer vacation with little child and our son’s sun allergy, we weren’t fully aware of how much sleep do we need now. First three day, he was screaming and scratching a lot. And we were nervous before we were tired. But after being tired like never before, we were sleeping almost every time little guy was sleeping. And we kept the habit of getting to bed on time, which bought us more organized time. And if he is teething or something else, we are there to help not complaining about everything.



There are people out there with a lack of self-control. And honestly, everybody goes through “lost phase” sometimes. People write resolutions in December. And they fail sometimes.

My message for everybody is: Don’t expect too much. Because this is a crazy world, and it is really fast. Be kind to yourself, and respect your own persona. Never underestimate the power of time. Embrace the change in you this year, and be happy. <3

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  1. Very well written post. Embrace the change is an old saying, but it does work for everyone including the young generation. Because everything is changing so fast these days. For example, 60’s sounds like 57 years ago but feels like a few years ago, just because of so much change since then. And it was 2017 a few days ago and in a few days, it will be 2018 because time flies.

  2. The great information you made here. I like the points ‘everybody has a lifestyle on his own’ and ‘A good parent is a healthy parent’

  3. I love this, how time flies, I have also learnt to just accept how everything comes and know that I will not get back any time if I lose it so I have to make the most of any day, moment and time. Living in the now and embracing what comes with it, really great post.

  4. This is such a great post, and I agree. I never expect too much. I just try to always be a kind person, and leave it at that. I enjoyed all your photos!

  5. I enjoyed reading the recap of the earlier years. I was born in the early 80’s so I was a teen in the 90’s. I remember all of those times and I actually listened to both Nirvanna and Enrique! 🙂 I totally miss that preppy style that adorned my highschool, and would do anything to have that style back. The Timberlands with the bootcut jeans, the polo shirts and the Doc Martins. Ahh, how I loved the 90’s!

  6. It is amazing how the times have changed but the thing is the same that we have to learn and live our lives. I can not believe your little is that big already. It’s insane how fast they grow, right?

  7. I am so excited to get started with 2018! We are going to disney this weekend, so we are off to a good start

  8. Memories can be collected but time is something that always escapes quickly. I know the feeling and enjoyed reading your post

  9. Memories can be collected but time is something that always escapes quickly. I know the feeling and enjoyed reading your post

  10. Time is something that you can never get back! It is important to spend time creating memories for sure. I love the idea of learning from everything this year!

  11. Change is inevitable and you’re right: It’s probably the healthiest way to just embrace. I love your statement at the end. I actually written my own post about New Year Resolutions and it ended kinda similar xoxo

  12. Thank you, Miljana, for the good wishes in 2018. My life has changed drastically several times, I have the impression that I live at least 3 lives. So I do not want more drastic changes. In 2018, I want to improve myself in a spiritual, psychic and physical way.

  13. I was also born in the 90’s (1993 to be exact) and was a 2000’s kid who also grew up listening to Britney Spears as well. But it is amazing how much has happened throughout the years and it seems that you have had a rollercoaster of a journey. You write so beautifully and although there was ups and downs at your church wedding you both looked so gorgeous and I am so happy that it went well for you x

  14. I was born in the late 70’s so I enjoyed the world of both the 80’s and 90’s. It’s just so amazing to watch fashion, technology and more change every year. I look forward to my new year. Good luck to your new year.

  15. Time flies; and really fast. I agree that it’s all about capturing special moments through time. Some of the best times are those spent with family. I love all your pictures too. Cheers!!

  16. Looking back, it’s amazing seeing all the changes we go through in just 365 days, isn’t it? But as you say, we need to embrace the change and learn from it. Wishing you a fantastic 2018.

  17. Cheers to a wonderful 2018 and cheers to embracing change as it is inevitable. Loved getting to read more about your journey.

  18. I really loved reading through this. You have a very beautiful family. I wish you all the best of luck this year too!

  19. First of all your wedding dress was amazing. Also the 00s was a weird era for fashion, everything was short and shiny lol. Also Yes the 10s+ are about the online persona and editoral look. Everyone looks like they are walking out of mag so its not so much we have a fashionable recognizable era, its really our actions. We are ALL trying to be walking models.

  20. This is beautifully written. Happy that you Two got to connect again despite the years lost

  21. It’s amazing. I really love this post. You have a beautiful family. Wishing you an awesome day with good luck on your way.

  22. Changes are good and I am embracing all the possibilities for 2018! I think we just need to go with the flow and always be grateful for all the good things we have in our life.

  23. Time is lost can never be regained.! It is important to spend time creating memories for sure and reflecting on the past is great. It allows you to appreciate the good and bad and what you can improve on. Enjoy 2018 with your beautiful family.

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