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Discipline your one-year-old the best way possible


First of all, word discipline comes from Latin and it means learning. And your child has so much learning to do. Make sure to always remember his/hers impulses are not controlled and it will take time for them to master this. Of course you will have to go and repeat “Don’t this, and don’t that”. And if one day little one figured out it is really bad to touch cooker, one month later he will do it again. But do not ever yell at him, or even badly- use force. Your little scientist is really curious, but that doesn’t mean you will never succeed. It is normal to feel that way, but the best thing to do is to stay calm and be aware of the situation.

Discipline one-year-old


Do it with love and stay in the golden middle.


Your little baby, but not so baby anymore, needs love. And it’s a law. You need to give equal amount of love when things go easy, and when they don’t. Either way, you will all end up your day nervous and with nothing learned. Your discipline shouldn’t be strict, and shouldn’t be loose too. So, if you are rigid, your child will be obedient in your presence (only to avoid punishment, because of ignorance of what is bad and what is good), but will lose control when you’re away. On the other hand, if you are too weak, your child will be rude, brawler and won’t listen to you at all. So, be the one who says the rules. But do it with love and tenderness.

Rules are of great importance to every little head. It feels secured when they have something to hold on to, something they can expect. And you should respect every rule you’ve made by far. And your rules should be respected in every other house and by every other person who is taking care of the little one.


Better strategies for the best discipline.


This life process is very important because it allows your child to become sympathetic, reasonable, responsible, grateful. But there isn’t such thing as discipline law. There are some methods, but those depend on child’s character and the situation. Anyway, here are some things you should try if you want to keep your child calm and disciplined:

Compliment when he/she is reading a book in quiet while you’re doing the laundry. If you pay more attention to a good behavior, then you leave little place for bad one.

Avoid boredom. Sometimes, all your child needs is you and your time. All toys and cartoons are boring. And it is just not enough if you are in the same room and always talking. He/she needs you now, down on the floor. And if you give everything to make a wish come true, you will send a big lesson on being there and repress any kind of aggression. Another point for you!

Discipline when it’s needed. There’s no need to talk about what should and what shouldn’t be done all day long. You risk on being annoying and that can create anger and with that, consequences. Here’s my example. My son’s biggest passion (above all others) is to throw things everywhere. He just throws my face cream in the toilet, and then washes his hands in toilet water. He puts my rubber band in his truck toy, and his dad’s wallet in the shower. And this really amuses him! But I don’t yell. I remove everything he likes to throw and explain why I did that and then turn his attention to something else. And believe it or not, I am getting THERE slowly!

Each cause has consequences. If he throws his car through the window, it will break. If she gives her fruit bar to a dog, it will not be hers anymore. And what’s for you to do here? Don’t go and bring the car toy back and fixed, and don’t give another fruit bar. Don’t worry, she is not that hungry. Let them learn the consequences.

Talk face face-to-face, like an adults. Everything you want to say to your child, say in private. With your voice really calm, explain what is bad and what is wrong. If the child is naughty, react quick and explain everything. Make sure to always stay behind your actions and don’t ever surrender.


And then, the biggest rule of all… At the end of the day, satisfy your own senses with things you love to do. Relax yourself, but also get some work done to blow the stress away. Prepare for the next day!






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