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Sleep problems and how to solve them (12-24 months)

July 2, 2017

It was a hard time when we needed to stay awake until 2-3 am and take care of the little guy. And I’m not talking about my 2-month-old baby. He was almost 1-year-old when we were more exhausted than ever. I was trying to get along with my life. My husband was working in the morning. And the sleep was NEEDED! There was lack of faith floating in the air almost every day. My whole energy was given to the little night party maniac, his healthy food, learning time stories… And in the end of the day, I only wanted to crash onto the pillow and stop making any sounds but tiny breathing called sleep.

And then I faced myself and embraced the fact it wasn’t him but us that served the sleep schedule wrong. We needed to change our routines for good (this is for the weekends too). Your child’s little head is confused. If you don’t make the schedule, you risk on him becoming someone who doesn’t have anything to respect.

  • Dream time in hours

First thing you should ask yourself is about how much sleep does your lovely little one need? From 12 to 18 months it is about 14 hours every day (11 hours during the night and 3 hours during the day).  But from 18 to 24 months this will change a little bit, and it goes from 12 to 13 hours per day (11 hours during the night and 1 hour during the day).


  • Most common problems

We want our child to go to bed earlier. But he stays awake during 11 pm. Still wakes up during the night. We give him milk and he’s asleep again. He wants to sleep in our bed. I don’t get to hug my husband. Instead, I sleep with my son’s leg on my face. We all toss and turn and our mornings are irritable!


  • Solutions

Rituals are very important. One and a half hour before bedtime make sure you do THE rituals with your child. They should be the same and on time every night (light dinner, bath time, brushing teeth, massage, story…). This will work soothing and prepare both body and mind for sleep time. Your child won’t sleep if he just finished playing with his toys. It would be only stressful because you are practically forcing him to go to bed. Also, your princess or prince may not be sleepy if the afternoon nap was more than 2-3 hours or very late.

Waking up during night may also be a problem. Of course we all do it. But if your baby isn’t able to fall asleep without your help, you should ask yourself. It can be a milk problem, or the favorite toys may be in room tempting him? Is the temperature pleasant? Make sure the stomach isn’t hungry too. This can help stop having night snacks also. The main reason on waking up at night may be lack of sleep. Make sure the symptom of overtired person doesn’t get in the way!

If the intimacy between you and your partner is low, maybe it’s time for a new room. And by that I mean, child’s room.

Let the child grow and be!

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